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What we do?

eco living for the sexy future


The modern design will make your neighbors envy. Tiny house on trailer can be moved wherever you want and be placed on imaginable places. 


It offers all the commodity of a big house with kitchen, living room, bathroom with dry toilet and sleeping loft.


Made from natural materials will make your home sweet and healthy with low carbon footprint.

How we do it?


houzEKO is a new way of sustainable and flexible living. Made from natural materials will make your home sweet and healthy with a low carbon footprint. The modern design will make your neighbours envy and jealous. A tiny house on a trailer can be moved wherever you want, live in an unimaginable place with neighbours and views you want. 

How we do it?

making your tiny house

The process of collecting information, ordering, building and delivering your tiny house starts here.
Fill the form now and get your quota as soon as possible.


Tell us your wishes and request an offer

We want to offer you the best as we can. That’s why we prepared a detailed survey with pictures, ideas, etc. With gathered information, we will prepare you a nice offer that will suit your budget and dreams. 


Design a tiny house with you

Based on your wishes, we will design a house for you. We will prepare 3D images, building plans and all the legal documents to start building it.


Building it with regular updates

You won’t need to worry about the quality of building as we will regularly update you with photos and videos about your built. The house will stay inside the agreed budget without any additional costs required. 


Delivery everywhere in Europe

Tiny houses houzEKO are built on very quality trailers and we offer the possibility to deliver a tiny house wherever you want around Europe. 


Support and warranty for 2 years

We offer technical support after you get to your house. We are offering 2 years for warranty so you are assured that the building is built with quality materials and with proof techniques. 

Why we do it?

For your future,
for your soul,
for your heart.

Housing is big problem especially for youngsters. We want to offer a new way of living, with low operational costs, healthy living space and flexible lifestyle.

Today world is fast and furious. You need to take time for your self and enjoy in your personal space. houzEKO offers all of it, a movable house, with cozy interiors and sexy architecture.


Architecture made with love for make love

We make tiny houses that are sexy and that will feel you sexy. Surely you will improve your sex life.

houzEKO flexible

Flexible living location

You can choose your neighbors and you can choose your view.

Made for your personality

Our tiny house are tailored to your personality and your needs. 

Money saving

Tiny house will use tiny heating / cooling energy, tiny water and tiny electricity.

Additional modules

Foodular - own organic food

Foodular offers the most efficient way to produce fresh food with different modules. The system is composed of different modules each offering variety of benefits.

Foodular can produce organic vegetables, mushrooms, can collect rain water, compost organic waste, heat / cool the house etc. 


HeatBox is meant to heat your tiny house with the power of the sun without the need for an active system. Once you have it, the sun will be your best friend.

The addition will improve the sun energy that the tiny house gets. Especially in cold climates.

Order your tiny house now!

Start designing your ideal tiny house and tell us your wishes. We will make your dreams come true!

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Building a company without valuable partners is almost impossible. We are very proud to have one of the most brave people working with us to make the best products as possible.


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