Space-saving hacks for your Tiny House

My teacher once said : “when you earned a small sum of salary, you would get much wiser”. She was right, since you had to think twice about spending it on necessity. This post gives you some of the most awesome space-saving hacks to organize your space efficiently ! Hidden spots It feels like you…

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11. April. 2019 | by

Where can be your Tiny House parking spots ?

When it comes to movable Tiny House, the age-old question is always “Where I can park my Tiny House”, isn’t it?. To your surprise, it can be parked in numerous places, including spots that you are not even expected. Wait wait, do I miss something? Oh yes, before jumping in for parking, you should do…

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8. March. 2019 | by

5 biggest benefits of living in a movable Tiny House

5 biggest benefits of living in a movable Tiny House Benefits of living in a movable Tiny House are quite subjective. You can agree or disagree, each of us have a different experience or point of view about it. However, I selected 5 main ideas to understand better why people do fancy the Tiny House…

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20. February. 2019 | by