3 (good) reasons to adopt plants in Tiny House

“To date, air pollution – both ambient (outdoor) and household (indoor) – is the biggest environmental risk to health, carrying responsibility for about one in every nine deaths annually.” WHO – 2016 Scientists, every year, get precise data about our environment and its risks. Many articles are published and provide a clear and alarming situation:…

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26. July. 2019 | by

Movable Tiny House : a solution to face our social crisis

Since 2007, the spreaded economic crisis became a worldwilde social crisis. This last decade, our rights have been drastically reduced to focus on the economic growth. Every country didn’t perceive the crisis with the same eye but each of them got affected. Nowadays, according to their financial situation, populations can quickly struggle to live comfortably…

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5. July. 2019 | by

Why the Tiny House is an alternative living ?

“Even if I knew that toworrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” Martin Luther No matter how the world evolves, be sure to make your dreams come true. Facing multiple crisis, we have always been creative to improve our lifes. Housing is our nest, the place where we…

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5. June. 2019 | by