Why a tiny house in slovenia

The passion


I’ve always been attracted by buildings, infinitive skyscrapers, connecting bridges and other unbelieving engineering construction. How impressive they could become ! With years of study and many experiences on construction sites, I quickly realized the negative impact of construction on the environment. I will spare you the details but using artificial insulation and kilometers of asphalt was clearly becoming my biggest nightmare…

As many of you, I am well aware about how we are destroying our planet with so much concrete, plastic, and other waste. But shouldn’t we focus on numerously positive projects that human being can actually create? It is our turn to show what we are capable of and it will be huge! That is why I wanted to make a small step by offering one of the most sustainable way of living : a Tiny House on wheels.

Being Slovene and growing in Slovenia push honestly yourself at loving the nature, all of it. It was then easy to imagine a Tiny House made from natural and local materials which are very energy efficient and don’t destroy the land with foundation. It’s the perfect combination for my new project : houzEKO. A modern and durable Tiny House in Slovenia!

Tiny house Chico - one of the first tiny houses that inspired me

houzEKO team


David Kodarin


Very motivated person and limitless mind to reach his goal : sustainability on the go! Other than HouzEKO, he is running an ecological toilet company and has many experiences in wood construction. Ready to make a good move and always improve.

Leja Arnejčič

PR & Marketing

Leja is an elementary school teacher and during her studies, she spent a lot of time abroad. Consequently, she gained a lot of experience in different international fields of tourism and education. Leja took part in different international projects as a project manager or as a participant.

The vision



Our vision is to be the European leader in producing tiny houses on wheels. Pushing the development of highly sustainable and beautiful tiny houses in Slovenia.


We want to offer products that respect you and our planet. This means going through quality, transparency and green effectivity. You will always know where come from our materials, how do we process and with who do we work. We put a lot of energy in design, on the comfort and on natural and healthy materials to provide the best experience!


We believe in values such as:

  • Genuine.
  • Exceptional.
  • Innovative.
  • Quality.
  • Supporting Sustainability.
  • Fun!