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Your autonomous tiny house

Living on the go can require a certain autonomy. This independence is possible according to your values and choices. Some of you might want to produce food and energy or to collect water and be free of charges. That is the reason why our team wanted to study this possibility and innovate to broaden your choices.

No time to think anymore, we need to act!



How could you become more sustainable?

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Foodular modules

Foodular is an additional project to help you growing easily your vegetables, chickens and mushrooms. The system is innovating and durable to reach slowly an autonomous tiny house. Be curious and have a look on our project website below.


HeatBox modules

HeatBox is an energy efficient water heating system. The purpose is to save water and energy needed for heating & cooling the atmosphere of your Tiny House.

During the winter, HeatBox modules are catching the sun energy during the day and radiating the heat in the evening.

During the summer, it cools down the house and collect rain water.


Off-grid electricity system

We offer an off-grid electricity system based on photovoltaic and battery bank. The model is currently the most adequate for an off-grid tiny living. Nevertheless, your wishes and suggestions are always welcome!



KAKIS dry odorless toilet

KAKIS is our first company offering positive toilets. Positive because they do not require water and chemical substances. They are odorless composting toilets but designed in a modern and natural outfit. Our new model is tailored to the Tiny Houses which is pretty cool!

Rain water collecting and filtering system

If you wish to be free of charges, rain water collecting is a very good alternative. You can easily collect rainwater thanks to a tank. The system is simple but nevertheless efficient! A pump will firstly allow water to pass through a filtration system. Once this stage is done, the water will go through a sanitation phase to make it drinkable.

Shower loops system


It is well known now, a shower consumes a lot of fresh water. Being autonomous in your Tiny House will also means to be more careful with your resources. Using a system that can clean your waste water will drastically decrease your water expenses. The system pumps your waste water and get clean with micron filters. Then UV light do the rest. Simple but ingenious.

Mobile NATURAL Sewage System

We are currently developing a mobile sewage system based on constructed wetland technologies. A natural and sustainable cleaning system for your waste water!