Wooden tiny house on wheels

houzEKO to live on the go

  1. houzEKO is tiny because we need less to have more. Less space, less things for more simplicity, more sensations.
  2. Tiny but on wheels because us, human beings, have been created to explore, to admire and to respect.
  3. A wooden tiny house on wheels because every piece of mother nature is an inspiration for sustainable creativity.


A modern wooden Tiny House


With atypical design


houzeko second version
Two sides roof from gum

Choosing the right design for a first Tiny House can be a challenge as it has to combine efficiency with beauty. Nevertheless, with a qualified architect and some bright minds, we created this two sides roof offering a nice dynamic architecture. The first roof was made with a triangle window to allow the light coming in. The second roof was made to add some space, becoming a second room or an attic. Now the choice is yours!

Wooden facade with shutters

Our job is to think about any kind of negative aspect to improve it. As the climate change seems to increase temperature, summer can quickly become a nightmare. Despite the good indoor insulation, we thought about adding another feature to keep you cool during summer and warm during winter! Here the shutters can cover all the windows and improve the overall insulation. If you want some privacy, it is working too!

houzeko roof view
houzEKO interior 1
tiny house interior design
The cozy loft

houzEKO interior design has been inspired for you, for a loving environment and cozy atmosphere. A virtual experience to project yourself into your future home. Every detail was made to touch a reality, from a spacious kitchen for an easy hand to a triangular stairs for an original pinch.


The dreamy mezzanine

In-build furniture, recycling materials, colors… The choice is yours. The indoor must reflect your personality regarding your needs and values. Our team will always be here to advise you or help you to take decisions but the leader here is you!

mezzanine tiny house
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