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About houzEKO process

Dimensions are stricted to road policies around EU. The vehicle can be maximum 2,55m large. We are building up to 2,50m in width.

The height is different in each EU country and goes from 4,00m up to 4,50m. 

The length are from 5,00m, 6,00m and 7,20m. 

HouzEKO is made in the heart of Slovenia. All the materials used during the building process are local and durable. All the windows, doors and furniture comes from local companies. However, our trailer come from Netherlands where our partner Vlemmix is settled. It is a well known company for the quality and durability of its products.

I suggest you to have a look on our catalog. You will find the main informations you need. According to the company, the budget can be really different. HouzEKO can be completely personnalised and fit the budget you have although we do offer our first one standard modele.

The Tiny House can be for a personal matter as well as a professional activity. A Tiny House made for a workingspace won’t have the same price as one with a bathroom, kitchen etc. However, our minimum budget (which includes the Tiny House on trailer with wooden structure, wooden facade, covered roof, roof window, 4 windows and the big entrance) is 21 150 euros (+ taxes + delivery if needed).

The time process will depend of your offer’s choice. Our partner will need more time to build a “key in hands” tiny house than a “bare-bone” tiny house. However, we can always discuss of the deadline and set up an approximative date together!

We deliver your Tiny House all around Europe. We partnership with a company with many years of experience.

Nevertheless, we do not deliver across the sea. Why ? Because the CO2 emissions would be too high.

The first step of our process is to have a phone call with you, to discuss about your project. You shouldn’t worry about not having ideas. Once we will understand your values, tastes, whishes… the process will go naturally. Our team is here to advise you and to propose a first prototype that we can modify.

We have a trustful team who provide the best services to build a robust and durable Tiny House. But of course, something can always happen. During 2 years after your delivery, you have a warranty assured by us. Also, if you have any questions after the delivery, you can surely give us a call, we will be happy to help.

About the Tiny House concept

Well, there are a few ! The RV is meant to travel but not to live inside all year long. It is exactly made as a car but not as a home, the materials used for the outdoor and indoor are not suitable for the bad weather. Concerning caravans, if you can live all year long inside, you must find a covered place to stay during winter. The same issue with materials wich are not enough effective to resist against the cold, humidity etc. Of course, you can always chose to use it as a home but you won’t be able to park it anywhere you wish. Otherwise, it won’t last long…

A Tiny House doesn’t have any of those issues as it is made from wood with natural inputs that are well known to be durable. It is an actual house with a good insulation, a strong wooden structure, a proper roof to collect water, many windows… The only common aspect of these means of living is the wheels ! The Tiny House beats the score though, it can park anywhere and whenever you want.

Yes, it can. It is completely up to you, but it is important to let us know from the beginning. You can decide to be autonomous with electricity, water, heating, food… or all together ! Nowadays, there are solutions to live independantly from public sources. HouzEKO offers some additional modules to make it happen !

According to the total weight (3,5 tones maxi), it will depend of which transport you use. A Tiny House is a trailer so you won’t have any difficulties to track it. However, we highly suggest to track it with a bigger engine than a basic car. You can ask to somebody who has a strong car/truck/ to move it for example. If you wanna know about the driving license, come here.

Anyway, we suggest to make it by professional drivers. We can offer our logistic partners to help you deliver your tiny house. 

The possibilities are wide… you can read our article about it.

If you wish to stay on one spot, you always should check the legislation of the concerned country. About Slovenia, everything is written here (legisaltion link juice).